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More Oscar-ness! mrbrown, Steve and Movie Mama review Dreamgirls, The Departed, The Pursuit of Happyness and An Inconvenient Truth.

Show Notes for Week of 28 Feb 2007:
00:55 - Dreamgirls IMDB Amazon


09:35 - The Departed IMDB Amazon

The Departed

19:00 - The Pursuit Of Happyness IMDB Amazon

The Pursuit of Happyness

28:07 - An Inconvenient Truth IMDB Amazon

An Inconvenient Truth

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Reader Comments

some punks kept on laughing when they break out into song in the movies. which reaaaally spoiled an otherwise solid movie…

prev comment was in reference to Dreamgirls.

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“Infernal Affairs” in Cantonese is “Moh Gan Doh”.

Hi mb et al, i think this is a great show you have here! Just a tiny thing tho. I haven’t watched An Inconvenient Truth, but ozone depletion and global warming are two different things.

big hole in ozone layer –> nasty radiation from the sun –> skin cancer etc.

accumulation of greenhouse gases (e.g. CO2)–> heat gets trapped in earth’s atmosphere –> global warming!

I hope Al Gore had gotten this right, heh.

I agree with you that “Infernal Affairs” is the ultimate! No other copycats come close. :-)

Hey guys,
big boo, boo. An Inconvenient Truth is about the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, not about the ozone hole (which incidentally, is almost “healed”). Al Gore made a comparison between the 2 stating that if we start acting, we can decrease the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, like the way we decreased the amount of CFC in the atmosphere allowing the ozone to heal, telling us that we can do something. That was the only thing about the ozone he talked about.

The above comment by Desmond Lim is correct. Ozone depletion and global warming are entirely different issues altogether. A pity you guys got them mixed up.

Having said that, An Inconvenient Truth is a must-watch for everyone. Highly recommended. I especially like the very apt analogy of the oblivious frog being slowly cooked in gradually boiling water.

Well written review on Dreamgirls can also be found at Daryl’s site.