See What Show 02: almost all Oscar movies

Letters from Iwo Jima

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Welcome back to the movie, tv and dvd review podcast for regular people!

mrbrown and Steve review Babel, Little Miss Sunshine, Letters From Iwo Jima, Days Of Glory and Stranger Than Fiction.

Show Notes for Week of 23 Feb 2007:
01:55 - Babel (Movie) IMDB Amazon


08:08 - Little Miss Sunshine (Movie) IMDB Amazon

Little Miss Sunshine

15:33 - Letters From Iwo Jima (Movie) IMDB Amazon

Letters from Iwo Jima

22:03 - Days Of Glory / Indigènes (DVD) IMDB Amazon

Days of Glory

27:15 - Stranger Than Fiction (Movie) IMDB Amazon

Stranger Than Fiction

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Reader Comments

I’m a big fan and only learnt about you (and your posse) not too long ago… anywayz, ’see whay show’ is yet another awesome addition. Love your reviews and agree with most of them.

ps/ when you saw Stranger Than Fiction, did you think he was bringing FLOWER SEEDS when he brought flour to the love interest? all my ang moh husband could say was ‘AIYOH!’ :)

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letters deserves a deeper analysis, just my 2 cents

hey mrbrown, kudos for doing the ’see-what-show’ podcasts.

you are really great :D

Terming letters a war movie is like calling rome a city with alot of old buildings. Sorry just my take on the cake

I agree with mb on the mood that you should watch babel, it’s deep! There’s some different angles of perception in interpreting the movie. Really thoughts provoking.. And hey here’s my list of movies I’m looking forward to watch! And “Letters From Iwo Jima” is in one of them. I would recommend “300″ to be reviewed! It is really a movie that I’m looking forward to… great review done, mrbrown!

hey, why does it seem that the two of you are like fighting for the mic?

finishing each other’s sentences, but not in a good way.

and brown sounds sleepy/tired. I am a big fan, but i think this episode is not well implemented…

try better next time? :)

Theres one thing I don’t like about most movie reviews, and I find this happening for the Babel review here. Its hinting what you should expect in the film, like “bring you prejudices to the table, because thats where the film messes you up”. In a way its a subtle spoiler already, and that kind of thing really takes away from the impact of the movie I think. Its like someone saying “oh there’s a great twist in this movie” and you’ll spend half the time in the movie trying to guess/anticipate the twist. Admitably quite an easy trap to fall into when you’re a movie reviewer though, and thats why I only tend to allow myself to read the reviews after I’ve seen the movies.

All the best for the new podcast!

Heys! You guys did a great job.
Maybe try doing a ‘Just Follow Law’ SeeWhatShow? That’s another great movie. (:

u totally rawk man. this ‘’see what show'’ thing rawks. ur like the coolist adult alive in s’pore man…